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Paige || 21 || Lebanese || Michigan

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Anonymous: what´s your type of girl?

I don’t really have a type, I tend to like women that are more feminine, but if you have your own style and can rock it than I’m probably going to be attracted to you. I just really want someone that’s going to treat me right and show me they actually care. 

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I really want to take a cute girl out on a date, a day long date. I’d start off by taking her to a cute little diner where we would get omelets and pancakes, basically the best breakfast food ever. Then we’d go to a cider mill and we would pick apples and pick out pumpkins that we would carve later that night while we drank apple cider and rum. To end the night we would watch Hocus Pocus and Halloween Town while she fell asleep on my chest. 

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"And all that I hope forIs that all that I wantBecomes somedayJust those things that I needLike a small houseIn the pine treesAnd a big heart for the worldA warm fireOn a cold dayAnd my arms around my girl.”JTB, from Headwaters

Bella’s Lullaby - Carter Burwell

ive been obsessed with this song lately 

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Anonymous: You're 5'1? Can we get marry? lol

mmm nope

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